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Lawn Care Walled Lake MI | Lawn Care Services | Lawn Maintenance

Go Green is a Walled Lake based lawn care company looking to give you stellar customer service and ensuring that you receive the lawn care services, lawn fertilization, and lawn maintenance required to keep your grass, trees and shrubs healthy and free of any insects or diseases that could harm the integrity of your lawn. We’re a unique lawn care company that’s family owned and operated and our founder has been in the business for over 30 years. Gary Kott opened Go Green Lawn & Tree Care in 2010 on the idea that he and his team of certified technicians can provide excellent customer service along with environmentally-friendly lawn care services. Go Green Lawn & Tree Care is fully licensed through the Michigan Department of Agriculture and is independently certified in many of the cities that require it so you can put your trust into our services for all of your lawn maintenance needs. From lawn fertilization to pest control to tree and shrub care, trust your lawn care to Go Green Lawn & Tree Care. All our technicians at Go Green Lawn & Tree Care are highly-trained professionals and certified through the state boasting years of experience, most of which have been with us since we started. Providing the equipment is the easy part which is why we put our focus on both the environment and giving you great customer service. Our lawn fertilization service involves a comprehensive 6 step process to help keep your lawn looking good. This involves using a combination of liquid and granular fertilizers every 4-6 weeks starting in the spring, dependent on early weather conditions, and ends in the fall to help the roots store nutrients during the long dormant winter so that your lawn comes back healthy and strong the following year. We provide tree and shrub care to combat against insects and diseases while promoting healthy landscaping. This may involve trunk injections which are similar to a shot in the arm and will help with insect control while also providing important nutrients to the tree to help it live and thrive longer. An example of a tree injection would be an iron injection into a maple tree. Our technicians will establish which types of our environmentally-friendly sprays to use on your landscaping and we create specific disease-prevention programs based on the trees and shrubs on your property – distinctive trees like crab trees and spruces may react better to different types of sprays. Spiders and ants can be a nuisance in the home and cause damage to trees and grass but putting your trust into Go Green Lawn & Tree Care’s pest control services allow you to greatly reduce the chances of being invaded by these pests. We use sprays to create a barrier around the home, we take care of the lawn to fight against fleas and ticks and we seek out where mosquitos might harvest and spray the entire property, including trees, shrubs and grass. Put your trust into Go Green Lawn & Tree Care for lawn fertilizer service, lawn maintenance, tree and shrub care and pest control. The owner and many of our technicians have been in the lawn care business for nearly three decades and our goal is to provide you with stellar customer service and an environmentally-friendly option to maintaining your lawn. Go Green Lawn & Tree Care of Walled Lake is the responsible way toward managing your lawn and landscaping.

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